Organisations that Accept ISLPR

This is an interim indicative list compiled from various sources (e.g. webpages, the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre, our own experience in testing students, and approaches that have been made to universities and other institutions to indicate their acceptance of ISLPR® test results). Other institutions are currently being approached to approve their names being added to this list.

If any institution on the list wishes their name to be removed or added, please contact us at and this will be actioned immediately.

Please note that in some universities and other institutions, different Departments or Faculties determine the accepted tests and entry requirements.
Anyone making use of this list should verify for themselves that their ISLPR® results will be accepted, under what conditions and at what levels.

In Other Countries
Acumen Education Pty Ltd
Australian Business School
Australian College of Agriculture & Horticulture
Australian Department of Immigration for visas requiring Functional English
Australian Industrial Systems Institute
Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership
Ausworld Migration Pty Ltd
Canberra Institute of Technology
Central Queensland University
Charles Sturt University
Cheltenham Community Centre
Global Business College Of Australia Pty Ltd
Gold Coast Migration
Government of Western Australia, Department of Training and Workforce Development
Griffith University
Hays International College Pty Ltd
James Cook University
La Trobe University
Language Training Institute
Lourdes Hill College
Melbourne City College
Melbourne Polytechnic
Open Universities Australia
Queensland Institute of Business and Technology
Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre
Resources Academy
Shafston International College and Shafston School of Business
South Brisbane Institute of Technology
Southern Cross University
Strathfield College Pty Ltd
Swinburne University of Technology
TAFE New South Wales
TAFE Queensland
TAFE South Australia
Teacher Registration – ACT Teacher Quality Institute
Teacher Registration – NSW Education Standards Authority
Teacher Registration – Queensland College of Teachers
Teacher Registration – Teacher Registration Board of Northern Territory
Teacher Registration – Teacher Registration Board of South Australia
Teacher Registration – Teacher Registration Board of Tasmania
Teacher Registration – Victorian Institute of Teachers
The Eagle Academy
The Gordon
Trison Business College
Unity College Australia Incorporated
Universities Admissions Centre
University of New England
University of New South Wales
University of South Australia
University of Southern Queensland
University of the Sunshine Coast
Victoria University
Vocational Language Learning Centre


Anglia Ruskin University

Leeds Metropolitan University

Regency Business School

University of West England, UK

Universal Business School, Oxford, UK


Thompson River University (TRU), Canada


Near East University


Kiribati Teachers College, Kiribati

Kiribati institute of Technology, Kiribati

New Zealand: 

Teachers Colleges

New Zealand Teacher Registration Board

United States of America:

Akamai University, Hawaii, USA;