About Us

About Us

ISLPR Victoria

ISLPR Victoria is a privately owned and operated business operating under an approved license issued by ISLPR Language Services Pty Ltd.  ISLPR Victoria is an independant business and is not run or managed by ISLPR Language Services or by the IGAA.

ISLPR Victoria provides:

  •  English language proficiency tests for
    • university, college or school entry
    • Functional English for visa purposes
    • Tests for legal purposes
    • Other tests for general, academic, vocational and other purposes
  • Individual tutorials for candidates preparing to take an ISLPR test
  • Feedback on tests to advise candidates on how to improve their English

ISLPR Victoria provides these services in Victoria and on occasion overseas.  Overseas testing is only conducted where sufficient numbers are available to warrant testing sessions.  Please contact ISLPR Victoria directly for more information.

All ISLPR Victoria Tests results are accredited and issued by ISLPR Global Accreditation Authority (IGAA).